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Pathology Training

We introduce you to a modern approach to learning pathology which is a new-generation 3D simulator. It consists of a software platform for interactive modelling of pathologies in a 3D environment.
It is designed to study general and clinical pathology; covering 11 modules, 19 organs, 134 diseases / syndromes, 153 microscopy slides, and 179 gross specimens. It is designed keeping in mind the latest pathology curriculum.

How does it work?

  • User selects either the ‘study’ mode or the ‘modeling’ mode.
  • In the study mode, the software presents 3D models of organs with pathologic manifestations of the selected disease/syndrome. It also displays the histology and gross images of the organ.
  • In the modeling mode, the user has to construct pathological manifestations on 3D models of healthy organs by selecting correct options form among the provided features. Additionally, s/he has to select correct complications, clinical outcomes, and histology slide/s from the given options. After finishing these tasks, the program gives a score showing the percentage of correct answers along with the true correct answers.
  • The user can also benefit from watching educational videos on general pathology topics like cell damage, neoplasia, and inflammation.

Benefits :

  • Realistic visualization of pathological changes in human organs
  • Development of sustainable skills for recognizing pathologies
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Students can study on their own or under a teacher’s supervision

Who can benefit from it?

  • Undergraduate medical students
  • Post-graduate pathology students
  • Pathology educators whose job will be simplified
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