One in 22 women in India
is likely to suffer from breast
cancer during her lifetime1
The study found BSGI
provides better sensitivity
for detecting ILC than
ultrasound and MRI
Useful for patients with
elevated risk factors that fail to meet the American Cancer
Society guidelines for MRI
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Dilon 6800 Acella®
Gamma Camera (US-FDA-cleared)
is a superior problem-solving tool
Portable design, does not require installation or a dedicated
exam room
Leading-edge camera with larger detector of
8” x 10” (20 x 25 cm)
Ideal for low-dose BSGI/MBI studies due to
high-photon sensitivity
Flexible, easy-to-maneuver detector gantry
enables a variety of molecular imaging studies
SmartShield® technology enhances lesion contrast
while decreasing scatter radiation from nearby organs
minimize tiling & shorten exam times
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