One in 22 women in India
is likely to suffer from breast
cancer during her lifetime1
The study found BSGI
provides better sensitivity
for detecting ILC than
ultrasound and MRI
Useful for patients with
elevated risk factors that fail to meet the American Cancer
Society guidelines for MRI
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GammaLōc® System
An accessory to the Dilon 6800® & Dilon 6800 Acella®
MBI-guided stereotactic needle biopsy procedures may be conveniently performed on the Dilon Gamma Camera
Allows physicians to calculate lesion location and depth
Guides the user through the procedure with detailed instructions
Provides 180 degree easy, open access for gamma-guided biopsies
GammaLōc System utilizes a CorreLocator™ paddle and a StereoView™
imaging collimator system
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