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Molecular diagnostics made fast, accurate and easy

Improving patient outcomes is always the goal of molecular diagnostics. Our GeneXpert® family of systems has set a new standard in workflow flexibility, 24/7 testing accuracy, and user-friendly design-delivered in an astonishingly compact package.

GeneXpert System technology is the cornerstone of our unique approach to molecular diagnostics product suite, which allows us to offer a complete menu of tests on a single, fully scalable, consolidated workstation.

The GeneXpert System is available in a one, two, four, or 16-module configuration. All have our proven GeneXpert module at their analytic heart, and use the same patented cartridge technology for every Xpert® test.

Diagnostics on hyper-drive.

When it comes to speed, other molecular analyzers simply can't compete. The GeneXpert System returns most test results in about an hour, including sample prep! Our systems deliver results even faster than many alternative technologies, such as EIA or Immunoassay.

With the GeneXpert technology, labs no longer need rows of equipment and extensively trained staff to access molecular testing. No matter which GeneXpert System you choose, Cepheid's technology makes on-demand molecular testing available to everyone-with unprecedented speed and ease-of-use.

Our patented cartridges also deliver unsurpassed accuracy across the broadest possible menu, and are virtually unlimited in the sample types they can process.

Compact size, giant ability.

With its compact design, the GeneXpert System allows for portability in the field and can run tests just about anywhere. In fact, due to the recent World Health Organization (WHO) endorsement of our systems, we now have molecular diagnostic "centers of excellence" in some of the most remote places on earth.

The decreased system footprint and consolidated testing design creates space-saving efficiency, reducing the need for multiple testing platforms. These new systems are also designed to be stackable, for those labs where space is a particular issue.

Underneath the clean lines of the system exterior, components have been reconfigured to further reduce the system footprint.

These revised components, including larger fans, also helps these new systems to run cooler and quieter-which means the most reliable molecular systems on the market just got even more so.

But the heartbeat of our technology-the patented cartridge and module-remains unchanged. You can count on all current and future tests running on any generation of GeneXpert System.
  • US-FDA 510K cleared
  • CE Marked
  • WHO endorsed & recommended
  • Supported by FIND / Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Supported by Max Foundation USA
  • Supported by CHAI / Clinton Foundation
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