Labindia Healthcare in association with Welch Allyn, USA introduces the following range of products:
  • Green Series Lights - Whiter, Brighter and Greener

    • Green SeriesT 300
    • Green SeriesT 600
    • Welch AllynT GS 900
    • Green SeriesT Exam Light IV

  • Gynecology

    • KleenSpec® Vaginal Specula
    • KleenSpec® Vaginal Specula with Light (Cordless Illuminator)
    • Colposcopes
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KleenSpec® Vaginal Specula
Welch Allyn’s single-use specula eliminate the time and expense of reprocessing and reduce the chance of cross-contamination. Each speculum is designed and manufactured to deliver durability and reliability.
Newly designed light pipe provides a homogeneous spot and eliminates glare back
New wider handle provides improved ergonomics, better balance, and is much easier to manipulate during exams
Smooth, molded acrylic will not pinch or bind tissue for greater patient comfort during the exam
Vaginal Specula    
Vaginal Specula
with Light
KleenSpec® Vaginal Specula with Light
(Cordless Illuminator)
LED technology as opposed to halogen, for a whiter, brighter light and true tissue color during an exam
No bulb replacement necessary for a reduced cost of ownership
Features a cordless design so you’ll never have to worry about cords getting in your way, breaking or needing to be cleaned, speeding the exam and giving you a full range of motion
The illumination system easily fits into every size speculum
Newly designed light pipe provides a homogeneous spot and eliminates glare back so all of the light is projected forward
Uniform spot—no dark or hot spots—for enhanced visualization of the exam area
Produces much less heat than traditional lamps and has a continuous on time of 80 minutes
A lithium ion battery provides a recharge time of six hours
Automatic on/off—insert the illumination system into the vaginal speculum and it automatically illuminates, remove it and the light goes off

The Video Colposcope is an important diagnostic tool for cervical colposcopy, high-resolution anoscopy, and sexual assault or abuse examinations.
Video colposcopy provides the added option of simultaneous viewing for you and your patient, creating a unique opportunity for clinical screening and treatment education.

  • Image clarity - No couplers or beam splitters to degrade image quality or field of view. High-resolution LCD monitor and unique 1/4" CCD/optics design provide full-screen, high resolution imaging
  • 4.5X–30X magnification range - Magnification index displayed on screen with the simple push of a button
  • Superior illumination - Proprietary Welch Allyn Solarc® lam generates light 50% brighter and whiter than any halogen light source for truer tissue color
  • Easy to use - Compact design with ambidextrous controls
  • Unique polarization filter - Removes glare from image for better visibility
  • Electronic green filter - Electronically removes red from ima with no light loss
  • Simultaneous viewing capabilities - Ideal for training and patient education
  • Sony® UP-20 video printer - High-resolution video printer designed for medical applications
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