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Upper GI scopy simulator

It is a platform to train interventional gastroscopic procedures on, developed by Dr Henke, Germany. Using SimStar, one can practice upper GI endoscopy procedures like submucosal injection of polyps, polyp resection by cold polypectomy, and biopsy with forceps; or stop simulated bleeding. One can also use it to master a difficult technique like ERCP.


  • Realistic models
  • Unique system with disposable boxes to train realistic interventional procedures
  • Complete artificial tissue-mimicking material (H-Flex) Completely disinfectable
  • No extra endoscopes for training necessary


  • Head, Gastro
  • Procedures-submucosal injections, polypectomy, tratment of internal bleeding, ERCP,etc.
  • Beneficiaries- Gastroenterologists