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The JOY of Labindian is rooted in

  • Freedom and flexibility while he/she contributes.
  • Rewards commensurate with the contribution.
  • Great opportunity to enhance the quality of healthcare in India, direct contribution in building healthy society.
  • Growth as per the competencies demonstrated and equal opportunity to all.

  • Our Values

    • Respect for all
      • Among employees
      • For customers and stakeholders.

    • Beliefs
      • People are capable and well meaning.
      • People have high integrity.
      • People are unique and endowed with creativity.

    • Customs and Behavior
      • No discrimination.
      • Adherence to Organization Discipline.
      • Teamwork.
      • Evoking creativity of others.
      • Participative Decision making.
      • Commitment to Quality and Customer Service.

Labindia as a whole and Labindia Healthcare recognizes the employee needs and is commited to meet those, to enable him/her to contribute.

Employee Commitment

“Grow your career with a Future Leader in Healthcare”
Labindia has been one of the leading companies in the Biotech Supplier Section in India and is poised to be a leader in Healthcare Industry.
Labindia Healthcare believes that health is the primary parameter for economic productivity of fellow human beings. Our vision, therefore, is to enhance the standards of Healthcare by delivering world class products and superior services to patients.
If you have the Attitude to excel …… Desire to surpass your limits…… Skill Set to deliver……and lead a value based life, it would be a pleasure to have you as a KEY member of the winning team of Labindia Healthcare.

There are wide varieties of roles available in our Organisation, we offer career opportunities in Sales, Service, Application Support and various support functions of HR, Finance and Administration.

The desirous are welcome to Apply Online.

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