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Mine Alnu Medical Handheld X-ray           

Mine X-Ray brings to you the best in class Portable X-ray system.
The system is designed for highest levels of user convenience and safety even though it comes in the smallest size and package of medical X-Ray available in the market.

  • X-Ray Generator Mine2
  • Detector DXD 17X17 / 17X14
  • Laptop and Console Software

MINE ALNU Medical Handheld X-ray

Product Differentiation


X-RAY that can be used outside medical institutions

Acquisition of temporary permission to shoot outside medical institutions


Safety Distance Sensor

It is designed so that the distance to the subject is not too close .


Wireless Remote Control

Wireless remote control available for shooting from a distance

Model Mine Alnu
Input power 50/60 Hz, 1.0A
Output Power 120W ~ 240W
Type High Frequency Inverter
Tube Voltage 40 ~ 80kV
Tube Current 3mA
Exposure Time Range 0.1sec ~ 1.3sec.
Focal Spot Size 0.4mm
Weight 3.0kg

Check out the X-Ray photos actually taken with MINE ALNU!